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American accent FAST Testimonials

Angelina Perez (Mexico)

Lin Me (China)

Hema (Egypt)

Biing Lee (China)

Preeti Patel (India)

Jolanda (Venezuela)

‘An easy-to-work-with format.’

I’ve been working with your course for only 2 weeks and have already made some major progress. I really like the way it’s structured and how much information it offers in such an easy- to- work- with format.

Gabriela Witt
Italy (Student)

‘Your course is just better.’

I have tried another course to learn the American accent but I much prefer yours because the other one was too shallow and did not really teach everything you need to know. There is so much knowledge here, but I never felt overwhelmed- your course is just better in my opinion!

Bas Simon
Netherlands (Businessman)

‘A beautiful course that really does what it says it would.’

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you made this course available to the public as it is very thorough and detailed, yet does not overload the learner with tons of unnecessary stuff. It teaches comprehensively and straight to the point and then summarizes it all at the end, a beautiful course that really does what it says it would.

Felix Brontheimer
Switzerland (Education professional)

‘They often assume that I must be American.’

When I speak to Americans on the phone now, they often assume that I must be American, this is how good my accent has become! So, thank you very much for making all this knowledge available.

Susanne Meyer-Schmidt
Germany (Stock trader)

‘Never thought I could improve my accent this much.’

I’ve always spoken fairly good English and bought your course 3 weeks ago as I just wanted to try it out. Although I am old (69) and didn’t have any real expectations I am writing to you today to say that I am very impressed with my progress. I never thought that I could improve my accent this much in such a short time and at my age.

Johann Siebreuther
Germany (Retired)

‘Your course is absolutely brilliant.’

Not usually one to give testimonials, I have decided to make this one of those rare occasions: your course is absolutely brilliant and is helping me tremendously with learning the American accent while preparing for auditions I have coming up in the States soon.

Paul Webster
UK (Actor)

‘People in America understand me clearly now.’

I travel to the States once a month on business. I always hated how people asked me to repeat myself because of my Belgian accent. Your course has changed all this. People in America understand me clearly now and I have also gained something that your course does not advertise: more self confidence!

Franck van de Vaeren
Belgium (Engineering Consultant)

‘Nearing perfection.’

I have studied English at University but my professors never really concentrated on teaching correct accent. Although I have watched a lot of US movies, which did help, I often found myself asking why certain things are pronounced in a way that I cannot seem to replicate and also what the Standard American accent is actually characterized by (not only the thick pronunciation of ‘r’). Your wonderful course is written in a step-by-step approach and has answered all those questions for me. I am working on my accent all the time and it is nearing perfection (that’s what my US friends tell me) although I have never really lived in the US.

Evgeni Pronchev
Bulgaria (Linguist)

‘Suddenly everything starts making sense.’

Love your course, it breaks down the accent for the learner and suddenly everything starts making sense. Thank you for putting this together at such an affordable price.

Naftoli Friedberger
Israel (Businessman)

‘This is an amazing resource.’

This is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to really improve their US accent. I love how it’s structured; it’s simple, yet detailed.

Carlos Weisz
Argentina (Law enforcement)

‘I can easily understand people with any US accent.’

I work for the military and your course has helped me not only improve my own accent when speaking English but understand what people tell me. Now that I know why some things are pronounced the way they are and how sentences and words are linked together, I can easily understand people with any US accent.

Tiago Da Silva
Brazil (Military Coordinator)

‘I am making such rapid progress.’

Why did I not find this sooner? Been struggling with pronunciation for years and now I am making such rapid progress it’s unbelievable. A fantastic course.

Nicholas Evangelides

‘Faster than I thought.’

I arrived in the US a month ago and wanted to do something about my accent very quickly. I only started working with your course last week but it’s helping improve my accent very quickly, faster than I thought.

Diana Lopez
Puerto Rico (Student)

‘Getting better every day!’

I bought this course for my mother who only recently joined me here in the US. Let me tell you, she’s making great progress already, I would have never thought that this would work as well as it does. Her accent is getting better every day!

Rosalinda Gomez
New York- from Mexico (Accountant)

‘Learning so many new things.’

The course is very, very good, I enjoy working with it and learning so many new things. Thank you for writing it.

Mohamed Ben Youssef
Saudi Arabia (Business owner)

‘I am mastering the accent.’

I work in a large office and wanted to improve my US accent because I was a little bit embarrassed about my thick Indian accent. The solid knowledge as well as all those tricks that you teach in your course are worth gold to me. I am on the way to mastering the accent.

Parminder Kaur
USA- from India (Insurance professional)

‘Transformed my accent.’

This course is awesome, for what it offers it’s very reasonably priced. I’ve learned so much from it that I can honestly say it’s transformed my accent completely.

Ricardo Alvarez
Colombia (IT consultant)

‘Easy and comfortable format.’

This is a very well thought through course. It guides the learner through all the aspects that need to be studied in an easy and comfortable format.

Jean Anderson
USA (Speech therapist)

‘Marvelous product.’

Hi, I just thought I should write to you to thank you for making all this material available at such a low price. I think it’s a marvelous product that will help many people like me.

Roger St. Pierre
Canada (Montreal City clerk)

‘Comprehensive study resource.’

I often travel to the US for my company and appreciate that someone has gone through all the effort of putting together such a comprehensive study resource. It is certainly no exaggeration that it teaches you to speak with an American accent pretty fast.

Gustav Gustavsson
Sweden (Company Director)

‘Really doesn’t take long to improve.’

I started learning incredible stuff right after downloading this course. The way you explain everything makes everything so clear that it really doesn’t take long to improve drastically. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn this accent quickly.

Manni Virtannen
Finland (Engineer)

‘The MP3 recordings really hone in on the sounds.’

I thought you’ve done a superb job writing this e-book. The MP3 recordings really hone in on the sounds one needs to replicate in order to sound American. Remarkable work!

Mark Johnston
UK (Actor)

‘Full of quality lessons.’

Wonderful course, full of quality lessons anyone can learn very quickly.

Pauline Lacroix
France (Designer)

‘US friends are saying I often sound really American.’

Just started a week ago and already my US friends are saying I often sound really American. I can only imagine what I will sound like in a month from now.

Marco Souza
USA- from Brazil

‘Already much more confident.’

Totally awesome course. I’m improving quicker than I thought. I am already much more confident when speaking and this is definitely thanks to your great course.

Adriano Ciampa
USA- from Italy

‘Trust me, it works!’

Never thought it would work, but it really does. I can honestly recommend this amazing course. Trust me, it works!

Natalia Korenkova
USA- from Russia (Medical Research Scientist)

‘I now understand what I’ve been doing wrong.’

As a native Chinese speaker (Cantonese) I always struggled with American pronunciation. After a short while with your course I now understand what I’ve been doing wrong.

Lin Lee
USA- from China

‘Learned more in 4 weeks than I did in 9 years.’

I had a thick Jamaican accent when I came to the US. Although it improved over the years, I always wanted to make it more American, only so that people can understand me better and I don’t have to repeat myself. I found your course online, downloaded it and the rest is history. I have learned more and improved more in 4 weeks now than I did in 9 years.

Carl Grover
USA- from Jamaica

‘I can see major improvement already.’

Although I’m a native English speaker, my South African accent always gets in the way of being understood. Been on your course for a couple of weeks and can see major improvement already. Love it and can warmheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to work on their American accent.

Dave Bloemfeld
USA- from South Africa

‘Managed to find a great job.’

My name is Ndugu and I am writing to report my great success with your course. Since I’ve been working with it (I got it 3 weeks ago) I managed to find a great job. I know I could not have got it before because I had thick accent that made it hard for people to understand me sometimes. But I worked very hard and with the help of your course I speak much more clearly now! Thank you!

Ndugu Mwemba
USA- from Zimbabwe

‘Made so much progress.’

Being French I always found it hard to get rid of my accent when speaking English. This changed when I found your course. Although I haven’t studied and practiced as much as I should have (my job keeps me super busy) I have still made so much progress it’s quite incredible. The stuff that is being taught seems to creep into your mind and stays there. So I sometimes catch myself pronouncing words and sentences extremely well. This course works and does what it says in the title.

Bernard Martin
USA- from France (Salesman)

‘Very detailed.’

Wonderful. I find this e-course a refreshing approach to teaching. It offers so much knowledge in bit size pieces, yet leaves nothing out. Very detailed.

Herbert Grossling
Austria (Company CEO)

‘It’s a pleasure learning.’

A super course. Tried to work on my American accent for years with little results. I just didn’t know where to start. You explain everything so well that’s it’s a pleasure learning.

Lucien Macon
USA- from Luxembourg

‘Thorough and detailed.’

I am from Portugal and always loved the American pronunciation of English. Your e-book really gives a very thorough and detailed presentation of the different aspects of the accent. Love it!

Marco Pereira
Portugal (Artist)

‘Really helped when talking to US customers.’

I have used your course to learn how to speak with a good US accent and to lose my native accent. I work in an international call center and it has really helped when talking to US customers on the phone.

Jay Gonzalos
Phillipines (Call center manager)

‘This has saved me years of frustration.’

Everything you need to know is in this course, how did you manage to pack so much great info into this course? This has saved me years of frustration. Congratulations on a fantastic piece of work and research

Louie Salmond
USA- from Argentina (Musician)

‘It helped me get rid of my foreign accent.’

Awesome resource. I am so pleased with it that I am more than happy to write you a testimonial: If you are looking to have that perfect standard American accent, try this course, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I did and it helped me get rid of my foreign accent.

Alma Cabrera
USA-from Ecuador (Teacher)

‘I have finally got rid of my foreign accent.’

Thanks for this course. I am sure it will help many people the way it has helped me. I have finally got rid of my foreign accent, in a few weeks of working with this precious material.

Felix Hernandez
USA- from Mexico (Construction manager)

‘I speak with confidence.’

Thanks, Michael, for releasing this amazing e-book to the public. It shows your experience when working with non native speakers of English. The e-book has made it possible for me to speak with confidence.

Sergey Rostov
USA- from Ukraine

‘Been looking for a course like this for ages.’

I’ve been looking for a course like this for ages. I’m so happy to have found it. There is tons of information that I will absorb very easily as I have a talent for languages (but not so much accents). I have already learned quite a lot in the last few days.

Mikela Rossa
USA- from Italy

‘Definitely the best out there.’

Congrats on such a great course. It’s definitely the best out there (I have tried several). I would say that your course offers at least 40% more than any of the other courses on this accent out there.

Javier Escobar
USA- from Spain

‘I’m having great fun working with your course.’

I’m having great fun working with your course. It really makes it easy for the learner. It kind of takes you by the hand and guides you through all the chapters in a logical progression.

Daniel Wertheimer

‘The American accent I always wanted to have.’

I work for a US airline and it’s imperative that I am being understood clearly. Thanks to studying your excellent course I have finally achieved to speak with the sort of American accent I always wanted to have. Thanks!

Karel Jelinek
USA- from the Czech Republic (Aviation professional)

‘You never feel lost.’

Great course, it’s fun learning the accent the way you teach; easy and you never feel lost.

Aleksander Szczepanski
Poland (Tourism professional)

‘Your course really can’t be beat!’

I am writing to give you a good testimonial, as I really feel you deserve it. Your course is an amazing program that teaches the accent thoroughly but without being overwhelming. The lessons are well structured and I like how it gets summarized at the end. The price is extremely reasonable for this sort of course and you even include a really good exercise e-book for free. Your course really can’t be beat!

Carol Garland
USA (Speech therapist)

‘I started learning the same day I got the course.’

Your program is superb. What I like especially is that it’s a downloadable course, so I didn’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the post- I started learning the same day I got the course. A good price, too!

Ahmed Ergun
Turkey (Turkish Government Official)

‘We are glad that we did.’

My wife and I bought this course as we both speak good English but have quite strong accents and as we both work in a field of business where you need to be understood, decided to try your course. We are glad that we did, because it has helped us so much. We are much more confident and not only do American people understand us better now, we understand them as we have learnt how words are linked together and several words sometimes almost sound like one word. We never knew any of this before, but your course explains this really, really well. Thank you for this great program.

Zoltan and Eliza Kalmar
USA- from Hungary

“Yes! I want to have an American accent, and I know this is the easiest and fastest way to get it”

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