About the Author Michael E. Andrews

From a young age Michael was exposed to a multitude of languages, accents and dialects. Growing up in several different countries helped him develop a unique sense of both the subtleties and extremes of different languages and regional accents and dialects.

A highly sought-after and vastly experienced dialect coach, Michael completely understands how an accent can be learned from scratch, regardless of the learner’s age, linguistic or national background.

Michael has become known as the dialect coach with ‘the best ear in the business’ – nothing escapes him, as he picks up on the tiniest inconsistencies.

Through years of working with thousands of clients, which included laymen from all walks of life as well as top professional actors, he fine tuned an accent learning system that has worked wonders for all of the aforementioned groups of learners.

Michael is a keen perfectionist when it comes to coaching accents and dialects and has now complied his extensive knowledge and successful learning formula in the very concise and compact, yet detailed e-course ‘Learn the American accent- FAST!’

This knowledge has never previously been available in this format and since its publication has already helped many, many people from around the globe master their goal of speaking with a clear American accent.