Learning Better English Speaking Skills

By Michael E. Andrews

For non native speaking people in America, their life can be a bit difficult to say the least. Since everyday life in America can result in an enormous amount of speaking, listening and interpreting, having poor grammar or poor English speaking skills can prove to be problematic. Miscommunication and misunderstandings verbally can lead to an enormous amount of problems for people who are functioning day to day with native accent that impedes their ability to be understood.

In an emergency not speaking clear English can prove to be life threatening. If a situation arises where there is the need for emergency responders, having a strong foreign accent can mar the outcome of an emergency as responders try to understand the emergency situation. In fact, having poor communication abilities in these cases can prove to be life threatening. This is where reducing an accent can be paramount for ensuring everyday safety.

On a personal level, having the correct speaking skills in America can also make a tremendous amount of difference in so many aspects of a person’s life in America. In fact, on almost every level of life, proper English speaking skills can be important; from shopping and dining out, to the more important issues of work, education and having a social life, accent reduction is important for communication and understanding.


In so many cases learning to speak better English can play a pivotal role in transforming a non-native American’s life and bring it to a better quality of living. However, for many people of foreign countries that come to the United States, learning to have an American-English accent can take quite a significant amount of time. In fact, for many people it can take years to adjust their dialect so they can speak clear American English.

In some cases people with a strong foreign dialect, may take decades of learning to speak American English before they master it. Sadly, some people never do. This can prove to be quite a handicap and make their life more than a bit difficult.

But there are ways for a person to learn accent reduction. Today there are great ways to adjust a person’s speaking skills to enhance their dialect and make it more readily understood. Certainly, one of the most often used methods is repetitiveness. As with learning any language, practice makes perfect and over time usually a person learning any language can improve their dialect.

However, many people would rather not take decades to learn American English. Because it can affect so many aspects of their lives, working at proper dialect with more rapid results is important to improve their life in America.

Overall, not all people learn at the same pace, there are many occasions where some people learn to speak fluent English more readily than others. Usually the older the person is, the longer it may take to master accent reduction. This is because they have been speaking in their native tongue for a much greater period of time.

There are some ways of practicing English that can take a person longer to master the language than others. However, there are some great programs that teach people how to speak proper English and how to master proper American English dialect.

The programs that prove to be most effective for accent reduction are usually the more comprehensive programs that include sample dialect in audio formats. Just as children learn language by listening to their parents, families and friends speaking, so too do adults learn a language more readily by listening to the spoken words in American English. No proficient language lesson program can be effective without practicing proper dialect and proper annunciation of American English words.

While it is true that throughout America, there are places where there are accents that are spoken on a more broad scale, basic American English is the predominant dialect. For instance in the Boston, Massachusetts or Brooklyn, New York area, English speaking people have a more distinct way of speaking American English that is not common for most of America. This is also true in the South and Midwest portions of America. However, overall these accents are mild and rarely affect basic communication.

But foreign speaking people who come to America, are advised to learn the standard accent of American English if they are looking for proper dialect. Using any form of slang or dialect differences can hinder a person’s ability to learn proper American English and can hinder any ability to master any type of accent reduction.

For foreign speaking people who wish to master an accent reduction in their American English dialect they are advised to look into what programs are available to them. Because all people learn differently, learning accent reduction is subjective and not all people will learn as easily with the same program. People who seek to find a good accent reduction program are advised to do their research and find a program that best suits them well.


There are plenty of programs available today including; webinars, online courses, CD courses and in person courses to teach accent reduction quite successfully. One widely known successful program is an e-course that is available online called ‘Learn the American accent- FAST!’ It has had quite a bit of success teaching non native English speakers how to properly speak the American English language.

Foreign speaking people should do thorough research online to find out what programs are available to them and pick the one that works best for their personal learning style.

The overall advantage of learning the American English accent though an e-course is that is can be paced based on a person’s personal schedule. This is very important so the student learning accent reduction doesn’t get frustrated and quit because it is going at a pace they feel they cannot keep up with.

E-courses can also help non native English speaking people to not only learn proper dialect, but it can often enhance their capability to read and write the English language as well.

Overall, learning the proper way to speak the American English dialect can lead to a much higher quality of life for foreign people who have come to America and wish to integrate more readily into the American way of life.

The many advantages of doing this include bolstering person’s social skills and educational capability. Additionally, the more prevalent benefits arise in the vast arenas of improving career and employment opportunities as well as ensuring clear communications in case of emergencies.

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