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By Michael E. Andrews

English, without a doubt, is the most valuable second language in the world to learn. Whether one wants to travel, or excel in business, English is the language to learn. For many, it is difficult to learn a second language, especially when not living around native English speakers.

Just about every person in the world knows a few English words. Many people know how to get by in English, by having basic conversations. But to learn, one must study and learn like a child. This means, to start learning English from the beginning. A terrific start would be to find one of the many sources of free English lessons.

Most people trying to learn a language, start out by finding a book. A book that covers basic grammar and sentence structure would be an excellent start. This is a superior way to start in learning and will certainly help the student in the long run.

When a student tries to learn a language. It is essential that they start out by learning grammatical rules correctly. When learning rules the the wrong way, it becomes extremely difficult to fix the mistakes, as their brain has now learned the wrong way. Once a student finishes a basic grammar book, they should understand extremely basic English.

Once sentence structure and grammar are understood at a basic level, one can move on. A great way to learn how to read in English, or any language, is to read children’s books. They are written at a level; that a beginning reader can comprehend and build reading ability.

More valuable than anything, when learning a language, it is essential to build confidence. A children’s book is much better than an adults book that may be too difficult to read. Not much vocabulary will be built, but basic grammar knowledge will be solidified.

People often overlook writing when trying to learn a language. This makes sense in some sense, as many people learn a language simply to make travel easier. In order to fully understand how to communicate in a language, knowing how to write is essential.

There are free English lessons online that can help a beginning student write. It is a difficult language in a lot of ways, as the language has many exceptions. Knowing how to write will certainly help the student learn how to speak properly. In the business and academic world, proper writing is also of enormous importance. One way to get free English lessons is to find a pen-pal who can help correct English mistakes.

To have the ability to understand a language, one must learn words. If a student knows all of the grammar and pronunciation, but has a limited vocabulary, they will be lost. There are a lot of websites that give free English lessons in vocabulary.

Of course, the student does not need to learn too many words. Many languages, conversations can be had with the speaker having a small vocabulary. To get ahead, and fully comprehend, it is crucial to gain vocabulary knowledge. Once a few thousand words are learned, a student should be able to read newspapers and have conversations with native speakers.

Once some vocabulary is learned, as well as a basic structure, one can move on to lessons. There are many websites that offer free English lessons. This will help the student solidify their knowledge by studying. When studying language, repetition is the most vital part. The older a person is, the harder learning it becomes to learn a language. Free English lessons can help the mind soak in the information.

Another great way to get free English lessons is to practice with native speakers. Many native speakers of English want to learn other languages. One excellent way to practice is to have conversations. This can build confidence and ones vocabulary.

The other person can help by correcting mistakes and guiding one through the basics of English. One should be careful when practicing with a native speaker, at times it may hurt a student. This is because native speakers are used to speaking with other native speakers, so their enunciation many not be perfect. Not only that, but they may use a lot of slang.

When learning a language, comprehending a native speaker is always terribly difficult. No matter what language one is learning, a common complaint is the speaker speaks too fast. Therefore, it is particularly beneficial to practice listening comprehension.

There are free English lessons that can be downloaded for this purpose. The student can put the lessons on their mp3 player, or listen via their computer. The lessons purpose would purely be to practice listening skills. Another way is to watch movies in English, which are in abundance. Youtube is an excellent site to watch English movies and television shows. Since there are rarely subtitles, this forces the student to pay attention.

One thing that many free English lessons lack is teaching decent pronunciation. All books, or lessons teach basic pronunciation, but they do not go into detail. There are multiple English speaking countries in the world. They all have, to an extent, different pronunciation.

Many students of the English language struggle at learning proper pronunciation, and often are shy about practicing the language. Many children overseas learn basic English in grade school, but they are often taught by a non native speaker. Nothing can replace learning proper pronunciation from a native speaker. This is the only true way to be understood when speaking.

The largest native English speaking population, by far, is the United States. Because of this, the majority of people learning English would like to learn the American accent. As mentioned before, free English lessons do not adequately teach students how to learn a decent accent. Once a clear understanding of English has been achieved, any serious student should work on their accent. The best resource is an e-course available called “Learn the American accent – FAST”.

This is an excellent resource for any student looking to pick up the American accent. Once an accent is learned, it is much easier for native speakers to understand the student. Once this happens, true proficiency is right around the corner.

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