English pronunciation exercises

By Michael E. Andrews

Learning a new language is a difficult yet exciting task. By learning a brand new language you’re able to communicate with an entirely new area of the world. No matter your age or where you are on the planet, learning the English language is important as it is the world business language.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, so if you want to talk and understand other individuals on just about every corner of the globe, knowing English is your best bet. No matter the current language you speak there are some very helpful English pronunciation exercises you’re able to take advantage of. These different English pronunciation exercises are going to help improve the overall quality of your English skills and eventually allow you to obtain a firmer grasp of the language all together.

For starters, locate a book or form of text you’re able to to write in. This can be a magazine or a book you own. It doesn’t matter the source of the text or exactly what it says as all forms of text work fine with this English pronunciation exercises. Read the paragraph out loud and as you read underline the phrases and words you’re just having trouble pronouncing. After you have completed this look at the different phrases you’re finding difficult. Is there a common vowel or specific sound you’re finding difficult to pronounce or particular words you’re just struggling to say correctly?

If there is a similar tone or letter in all of these words make sure to take note. A simple letter correction from an instructor might just be enough to correct this issue. After you have made note of this information read the paragraph out loud again, this time with a native English speaker.

After you complete the paragraph again go over the words and sounds you find you’re struggling with. You might just find a simple correction in one pronunciation of a letter is able to completely fix how you’re reading the paragraph.


Go over the different constant sounds with your English pronunciation exercises. These different constant sounds are going to always sound the same, no matter where the letters are placed in a word or how often the letter appears. Knowing how to pronounce these particular letters and parings is going to make it easier for you to proceed. Some of the constant sounds include “th,” “w”, “sh,” “ch,” “s” and so on.

Your English pronunciation exercises study guide should have this information written down inside. The guide is going to show you all of the letters and groupings inside the English language which has continual sounds, no matter what other letters are grouped with them. This is going to make it far easier to learn the rest of the words.

Practice vowels. You might want to look in the mirror while repeating the vowels. Vowels are generally the most often used letters in the entire English language which is exactly why it is so important to know these letters and how to properly repeat the letters.

Grab a friend or instructor who is a English native speaker and pull out a comic book. It doesn’t matter what form of comic or what the comic is about. These books have short phrases and are often lines individuals might say to one another in real life. These books also are a bit more entertaining than other stories with this form of text, which should make learning the language fun.

With one page read through all of the quotes and sayings out loud, stopping at any problem area you’re having and have the instructor inform you of how to correctly say the word you’re having trouble with. You can repeat this a few times with the different pages until you’re feeling comfortable, then read one of the pages out loud without stopping.

Even if you feel as if you’re saying something incorrectly try your best and continue through until the end of the page. At the end of the page have your friend or instructor take you back to the beginning of the page and inform you of what you need to work on.

This is going to allow you to build a bit of confidence in your own learning skills while you repeat the words. Building confidence is very important when it comes to English pronunciation exercises. If you don’t feel as if you’re learning anything or it is taking longer than it should it can become rather difficult to continue with learning the language. Never get down on yourself.


Watch a movie and turn on the subtitles. Learning needs to be fun which is why this English pronunciation exercises is such a great way to help you learn the English language. It doesn’t matter what movie you select. If you want a particular television show this works to, although often the dialog in a TV show is a bit faster which means it is harder to reference. Turn on the subtitles and listen to what the actors say while the text appears.

You’ll learn how to pronounce the different words while you go along with the video. This is a fantastic way to pick up pronunciations and particular words on your own, thanks to the ability of the movie and the subtitles option.

When it comes to English pronunciation exercises, it is important to use as many different learning methods as possible. The wider the learning services you use the more likely you’ll find which English pronunciation exercises works for you. Learning the English language is never the same for two different people which is exactly why you need to try different ways.

Although reading out loud with a partner is always a good step with it comes to English pronunciation exercises, you might be surprised as to what material helps you retain the knowledge better and what sources of media help add to your ability to learn the new language and retain it while you progress.

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