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American accent
Michael E. Andrews
Author/Professional Dialect Coach

Want to improve your pronunciation?

Want to learn the American accent?

I Wanted To Create A Course That Makes Speaking With An American Accent Easy For Everyone...
...No Matter Who They Are Or Where They’re From!

That’s how “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” was born.

The accent reduction methods I created and began to teach in my coaching sessions became so popular that I decided to make it available to everyone in the world through an e-course that you can access when it’s convenient for you.

Have you ever asked yourself how non-native actors and actresses prepare for roles that require an American Accent?

When it comes to accent training, Actors and actresses are often given very little time to prepare for their roles... even when they require a foreign accent. In the “go-go” world of movie production, if you can’t learn your character’s accent quickly enough, you’ll lose the role to someone who can.

Effective ‘American English’ pronunciation training is something I am passionate about. When I started off as a dialect coach for actors wanting to learn an American accent, I soon discovered something about the traditional teaching methods... ...they were ineffective, overly complicated and the results took much too long!

Early on in my coaching career, I noticed the demand for American accent training wasn’t limited to just actors and actresses. Ordinary people were signing up for my classes at a surprising rate!

Because of this, I decided to break the rules of the “traditional” teaching methods and develop a program that would make the process of learning an American accent quick and completely “headache-free”.

Sure, I’ve taught hundreds of actors and actresses to speak with an American accent over the years – but now I’m proud to say I’ve taught hundreds of ordinary people as well!

These are just a few of their stories...

Angelina Perez (Mexico)

Lin Me (China)

Hema (Egypt)

Biing Lee (China)

Preeti Patel (India)

Jolanda (Venezuela)

Learn American accent
American accent FAST Testimonials

'I found it very easy to perfect my accent.' learn american English pronunciation

'I just wanted to let you know that I love your course because it has made a difference like day and night. It really exceeded my expectations. Everything is so well explained that I found it very easy to perfect my accent. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the Standard American accent easily and quickly.'

Alejandro Fernandez
Mexico (Finance Professional)

'People always tell me that my accent sounds so American.' American accent training

'I just wanted to say that your course is great! I study in L.A. and people always tell me that my accent sounds so American, they think I was born and raised here.'

Monica Fuentes- Parilla
Colombia (Student)

'I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn to speak with an American accent.' American accent course

'As an actor from the UK I needed to quickly learn the Standard American Accent for a role I desperately wanted to get. I got your course and within a very short time I not only nailed the accent but was offered the role I wanted. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn to speak with an American accent.'

Dave Hastings
UK (Actor)

'He actually thought I was American.' Learn american English

'I often have to communicate with colleagues in America and while they used to have problems understanding me because of my French accent, after working with this course I have to say that I am proud of my accent now. A few days ago I spoke to a new colleague over the phone in our Chicago office and he actually thought I was American.'

Charles Balard
France (Architect)

'I am constantly praised for my clear (and very American sounding) pronunciation!' Accent reduction

'I have always loved the American accent since watching US movies as a child. When my new job required me to travel to the US frequently I realized that my accent was not actually as good as I thought it was. I had to repeat myself many times as people had trouble understanding my Italian accent. I would like to thank you for putting such a comprehensive course together as it really helps people like me. My accent has improved so much and I am constantly praised for my clear (and very American sounding) pronunciation!'

Mauro Papetti
Italy (Account Manager)

'I sound American now and this makes such a big difference.' American English

'As an IT engineer working in Atlanta, I always wondered how I can improve my accent and sound more American. I worked with your course and love how it explains every detail you need to know to quickly improve your accent. I sound American now and this makes such a big difference as I am no longer shy when talking to people. Thank you so very much!'

Jaz Patel
India (IT)

'I now have a very good American accent.' English speaking course

'In my job as an IT security consultant I frequently travel to the USA. I think my English is very good but I was always unhappy about my accent. Your fantastic e-course showed me exactly what I was doing wrong in a very short time and revealed so many things I didn't know about the American accent. Because of that I now have a very good American accent and this is not just what I think- a lot of people in the US have also already told me that. Thank you.'

Yevgeni Vasiliev
Russia (IT Consultant)

'I have not had anyone here guess that I am from another country.' Pronunciation

'Before I got your course most everybody here in the US immediately spotted my German accent. I had tried to work on it before, just by myself, but never really made the progress I wanted. Your course is so good, because it highlights all the aspects of the Standard American accent in an easy to understand and quick to learn way. In the last few weeks, except for the people that have known me for a while, I have not had anyone here guess that I am from another country! I am very impressed and have already told all my other German colleagues here about it.'

Gabriela Witt
Germany (Marketer)

Discover How I Can Help You Speak With An American Accent NOW!

Accent reduction is a very important goal of many English language students worldwide.

If you’re looking for a quick, effective, fun, and “no-fluff” approach to learning the American accent, look no further than “Learn The American Accent – Fast!”

You’ll find all of this and more inside my program which was designed with you in mind. I worked overtime to ensure it’s as easy to follow as it is effective. Its clean step-by-step presentation will never leave you scratching your head.

To really improve your pronunciation you need...

Michael E. Andrews' Slo-mo Technique ™ - I perfected this technique to ensure your American accent stays consistent.

Praised for its effectiveness, this technique helps you not only “memorize” American pronunciation, but speak it as naturally as you talk with your native accent. You’ll be amazed at how naturally you speak with your new American accent!

This is the first time my technique has ever been leaked to the general public.

Key Sounds – Learn the sounds that are the key to speaking with a natural American accent.

Sound Insertion – Discover how to create a flawless flow of speech by inserting the proper letters between your words.

Voiced Letters – Learn how to speak clearly in your new American accent.

Word Linking – Learn how Americans connect their words so that you can speak with natural American speech flow.

Vowel Length – Discover exactly how Americans pronounce their vowels so you can gain that native sound.

Silent Letters – I take the fear out of the scariest part of speaking with a new accent... silent letters! I take the mystery out of all the silent letters and all their various exceptions so you can speak with confidence in front of any crowd.

I’m Just Getting Started! My course has 21 More Ways To Help You Learn The American Accent

Trust me; I know how hard it is to gain a natural American accent. A lot of people who have taken courses to learn to speak with an American accent and even people who have lived in the United States have a hard time mastering it.

I created “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” for people like you who want to speak with an American accent but have no idea where to start.

If you want to learn an American accent fast, simply pick up my step-by-step program and let “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” steer you towards your goal.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your American accent will become like second nature to you.

If you want to learn an American accent without paying hundreds of dollars for a class that doesn’t even guarantee results, look no further than “Learn The American Accent – Fast!”

Did You Know That Nearly 98% Of People Who Want To Speak With An American Accent Are Never Able To Do It?
Why Is That?

Is it due to lack of talent? Is it due to being “too old” to learn? Is it because English isn’t their first language?


It’s because they don’t have access to a program that will teach them the fundamentals of speaking with an American accent naturally.

Anyone can speak with an American accent. You don’t need to be born in the US. You don’t need to be a “natural” at imitating accent. You don’t need to be young. All you need is a program that works!

Now You Can Beat The Odds And Become One Of The 2% Who Succeed At Mastering The American Accent

For a limited time, you can gain immediate access to “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” for a special introductory price. There’s never been a better time to fully immerse yourself in a unique e-training course guaranteed to have you speaking with a natural American accent in no time!

Sit Back And Amaze Yourself As You Develop An American Accent Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” was created to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of your results. Using a unique method of teaching that you simply can’t find anywhere else, my program will help you master the American accent in record time.

You’ll learn every key sound that makes the American accent the unique accent that it is. You’ll love the confidence you feel when you show off your new accent at work, on stage, at your next business meeting, or even just joking around with your friends.

Nobody will ever suspect you’re not American!

Don’t throw away hundreds of dollars on a dialect coach...

Don’t waste your time wondering how foreign actors and actresses are able to master an American accent for their movie roles... Uncover the secrets of that perfect American accent today with the “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” program!

Take A Look At What You’ll Get:

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” comprehensive e-book, packed with everything you need to know to master the American accent

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” accompanying MP3 recordings to help guide you through learning American pronunciation

Spoken English

Gain Immediate Access To “Learn The American Accent – Fast!”
(PC and Mac Compatible)

No waiting for heavy books or CDs to arrive by snail mail. You’ll have access to the full course materials immediately after purchase.

When you purchase “Learn The American Accent – Fast!”, you’ll be able to immediately download both the e-book and MP3 audio files. Learn at your own pace, at your convenience by putting the audio files on your Ipod or MP3 player. You can learn the American accent whether you’re driving, doing housework, traveling, or even at the gym!

I’m Even Throwing In 5 Bonus Offers With Your Purchase

EnglishBonus 1: An additional e-book filled with special exercises designed to help you practice American pronunciation efficiently.
($59 value - Yours absolutely free if you order today!)
Learn EnglishBonus 2: The companion pronunciation MP3s for the bonus exercise e-book.
English learningBonus 3: My special guide: “How To Effectively Work On ANY Accent”.
Study EnglishBonus 4: A comprehensive list of the 50 most common American expressions. This will help take your new American accent to the next level. Everyone will be convinced you’re as American as apple pie!
ESLBonus 5: My highly successful “Slo-Mo Reading Technique” which was created to help lock your new American accent into your brain to make your accent flow more naturally.

English learning

What Can You Expect From “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” Program?

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” was designed with you in mind.

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” is a step-by-step program that is easy to follow. Learn at your own pace!

“Learn The American Accent – Fast!” is the single greatest American accent learning program out there. It blows everything else out of the water!

English language

"Yes! I Want To Get My Hands On This Program Today And Start Speaking With An American Accent Quickly Without The Hassles Of Traditional Programs"

Regular Price $59.99 Today $29.99

If you order now, you’re only minutes away from learning an American accent – FAST! I worked very hard to ensure this was the single greatest American accent program out on the market. I know it is and I’m sure you’ll feel the same!

Your Dialect Coach,

P.S. If you pick up your copy of “Learn The American Accent – Fast!” today, you’ll receive your 5 free bonuses plus you’ll be able to order with confidence thanks to my 100% money back guarantee.

Order With Confidence

I stand by my product and I also stand by my word that if you aren’t completely satisfied with “Learn The American Accent – Fast!”, I will refund every penny of the purchase price. No questions asked and no hard feelings!

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